Coraline review

Antonia is still recovering from seeing Coraline, although I suspect she is playing it a bit for sympathy at this point!

I quite liked this film, Mike didn’t, but she was curled up in her chair with her eyes closed before it was halfway through.  A shame, because she had looked forward to seeing it.  And this, mind you, is the child who sat through Pirates of the Carribean 1, 2, and 3 at a friend’s house without blenching.  Coraline just pressed all her fear buttons.

It might be that we bear an unfortunate resemblance to Coraline’s parents.  I hope we are not so inattentive, but we are closely associated with computers.  Then there’s the division of labour – Mike does the cooking, I do the cleaning, which is the same.  And then, I suppose there is just the whole temptation of ‘better than life’ parents that many kids can maybe relate to and that turns sour in the film.  Or the fear of a door in your own house with a horrid witch behind it.  Whatever it was it genuinely, seriously upset her for a bit.  And to think that some people I know stake their faith on animations as opposed to movies with human actors for not scaring children.

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