Reading: Astrosaurs

We bought (Antonia chose, I paid for) an Astrosaurs book in the airport bookshop on our way home.  I am not at all sure this counts as homeschooling, though I do think its good for children’s reading skills to read large quantities of enjoyable trash just for fun.  That being said, I wish two things.

1. That the library would stock trash books instead of just literary masterpieces, because I don’t mind us buying the good stuff, whereas I would rather the trash didn’t accumulate in the house.

2a) That if I must buy trash, the publishers would ensure that it’s at least well enough put together that it doesn’t fall apart before the dear child has finished reading;

2b) That if it must fall apart the publishers would make an effort to ensure that a page number appears on every single page and not just a selected few, for the convenience of parents who have to put the d**n pages back in order again.

Thank you.

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