Best things about Scarborough

  • Antonia found one starfish on the last day by “sticking her feet in the sand and it just felt like there had to be a starfish there”.  In the end, we found one of just about everything you can find at Scarborough.
  • The sea air did a lot for my sinuses, though the swimming pool undid some of it.
  • Listening to my Dad wax sarcastic about the school parties in matching baseball caps who are tethered to about 5 square metres of the beach and made to do organised sandcastle building.  Hearing him brag about what a good idea home education is after all.  Last person you’d expect it from.

It was quite hard work since this is the first time Antonia has gone without afternoon naps.  Today, back at my parents house I put her into bed in the afternoon, and after telling me she couldn’t sleep 10 000 times, she did!

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