Still tired …

Antonia hasn’t really recovered from her intense social weekend, and I have to say that the week has done nothing to help her.  We have been too busy squeezing things in.  Let nobody say that homeschooled kids do not get out and socialise, because this one has been doing too much.  Maybe that’s why she did not enjoy her Wednesday ‘day camp’ as much as she enjoyed the summer holiday camp for which I prepared her carefully.  Last night, I heard all the things I used to hear about school: it’s too noisy, it gave her a headache, the other kids didn’t act very nice, etc.  She was angling not to have to go back for the other five days we booked.  I think she should probably do them, but I won’t mind if we drop it after that.  I just don’t know how I can cope with organising the whole week around making sure she is rested enough before and after a Wednesday day camp.  Especially when her Dad just doesn’t ‘get’ the concept of an over-filled schedule.

He’s been tired himself though.  Hee, hee, maybe he will learn.  On Tuesday he carried out a couple of impromptu science experiements in the kitchen.  He lit the wrong circle on the stove, got one of our skillets incredibly hot, then put it down on the granite work top.  It was hot enough to alter the crystallisation of the stone!!  Now we have a nice circle of whiter crystals in the counter for perpetuity.  That was the afternoon.  In the evening, he put a different skillet down on the wooden counter and burned a ring in that.  We already sanded that one out and revarnished it.

Today is our only quiet day at home for the week, so I am looking forward to enjoying it, and also getting some lessons done !

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  1. Oh my! It does sound like you guys have a busy schedule. Things around here are going to get more busy on the 15th. Until then I’m trying to chill… which is currently more or less impossible with my constantly fighting kids… *sigh*

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