Typical day

Sure enough, things are thoroughly back to normal here.  The jet-lagees ended up bouncing me from my bed for the second night in a row.  It was just simpler to go and sleep in Antonia’s room.  I was bounced from her bed at an early hour of the morning, supposedly to go and pick up a car from the garage and do various other essential errands.  By the time we reached town we noticed it was a bank holiday, so the errands were canceled.  We’ll have to do them tomorrow instead of going for a walk.  It turned out the garage man was joking when he said our car would be ready for us.  So I might as well have stayed in bed.

We did go for a nice lunch in town, in any case, there was nothing to eat in the house.  Then we got home and since Mike is back the phone started ringing like crazy and hasn’t really stopped since, which drives me crazy. Then we got involved in some long and tangled attempt to reorganise a social plan that was made a month ago, which has numerous knock on consequences, potential for hurt feelings, and just generally leaves you feeling that the best solution is to fold at this point and forget it.

I got nothing whatsoever of any consequence done today, and I enjoyed about one and a half hours of it.  I’m feeling a bit down.

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