The end of my holiday

My three weeks of holiday end tomorrow.  Little Miss and Big Mister will be back and we’ll be back to full-time homeschooling!  I thought I would take stock of what I did and didn’t do for the last three weeks.  Did I claw my way back into a healthy, normal adult life?

  1. I did meaningful work other than parenting and educating a child.  Paid, too…
  2. I spent an average of 15 minutes a day on housework and errands instead of well over an hour.
  3. I stopped reading books as a kind of mental pacifier and began reading them for interesting content again.
  4. I got to the gym for an average of 1.5 hours every day.  The part I needed most was the stretching.  I seize up completely if I don’t stretch.
  5. I got to hang out with some friends as an individual instead of one of the family group.

On the other hand….

  1. I did not really recover anything resembling a sense of self.  This is bad news, as I’d always manged to do this on my little holidays before.  On the other hand, I did stop feeling completely obliterated.
  2. I did not become wildly enthusiastic about any new projects, or even about the various events that are already scheduled in my next few months.  That’s also bad news, and I always had before.  Yesterday, I toyed with the idea of beginning to investigate ways in which I could pursue my art history research interests at some time in the future… right!  Beginning to investigate future pursuits is an activity I know I’ll be giving up starting tomorrow.
  3. I totally failed to make headway on any significant tasks other than the paid work project.
  4. Not only did I leave my existent bad habits right where they were, I even gravitated to my natural student-like lifestyle again, which in my case means dining on pizza while watching Red Dwarf at 3am, then getting up at about 11am.  Actually, I might transfer that to the positive side of this little assessment.

I’m not sure if I’m quite breaking even, but what can I do?  I’m looking forward to seeing my two kids again, anyway.  Three weeks is a long time without them.  I just wish they were a bit more autonomous.  And I do mean both of them!

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